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FROMj Arthixr Sehofield 


A P I C 

APRIL 7^ 1961 

Because of th© lapse of time since our last newsletter, many items of interest 
ha-^re arisen^ 

First a word about "The Gold Bug* " Hecently we received a letter with a check 
for the arnnaal dues. In the letter the writer said Bhe had been a collector for 
some years and a subscriber to '^The Gold Bxq|« for a tijae, and somehow in all this 
titae had failed to learn about APIC« And, we might add, this is probably the 
case of maiiy - in inverse. They (YOU) may not kaow about "The Gold Bug«« 

"The Gold Bxig« is en ineiscpensivo (but rich in infonaation) idiaeographed publica- 
tion issued four tliaes a year. The subscription for the year costs only Ol^OOo 
I-fost of the «old timers' in political eollecttoj^ subscribe to it (as does yoiar 
Secretary), and find it invaluable in keeping up to date* 

Although «Th0 Gold Biag" - the only paper in the world devoted to Presidential 
collections «» has no official connection with APIC, the editor, C, W. Fishbaugli, 
i*as an oarl^ member of APIC and now serves as a member of its Board of Directors* 
Few collectors, if aiay, know siore about our hobby than does "C.W.*». 

"The Gold Bug*^ is infoiTOtivo, chatty (with 'personals* on some of the subscribers), 
with notes of caution and wam3nns of frauds and excessive pricing* If you are a 
yoxmg and inexperienced collector you will want "The Gold Bug" with its world of 
inforoation « if you are more advariced, '^The Gold Bug" keeps you infonoeda 
Howhere can you spend a buck for greater returns. 

If interested, send your dollar tos !fr, C« Fishbaugh. Box 396. Shenandoah. Iowa. 

^t- ^ ^{ if ?f if * 

One of our mciBbers wrote recently that she had throim away the APIC KIMSLETTER 
and ra^bership card without opening the envelope - thinking it was just an adver- 
tisement fro® an insurance compasf^^ This error was corrected without much loss 
to herj but, as several of our members could tell her «» (including the president 
of one of the nation's largest insurance companies), she'd better start opening 
all envelopes before discarding. A letter - or od - from some insurance company 
could be the mst valuable message she vill ever receive « 

Sorta reminds me of the story about the lad^' who refused to allow a surgeon to 
operate on her htssbanda Said she didn't permit anyone to open her mail (male)ll 

it ^ a ^ ^ ^ 

Jack Converse - among many - wrote and wantsd to thank Mr, Anoi^ous for the 
Nixon sticker. He has sent several other iteias along - which will be mailed later - 
but still wishes to remain anonytaouso We^re all mighty grateful for these itemso 

Ssvxsral foUcs have urittm asking if it t^ere possible to obtain a coj^ of 
"ibiericQ Goes To The Polls Itober Jo D« DeWitt, author of the booiaet t^itois 
that the supply has bssn exhausted » H?, DeWitt also stated that the remining 
supply of hia book^ ^^A Century of Campaigii Buttons 17S9«1S89" wxn given to th@ 
UniVQrsiiy of Hartford (Cmn«)« The UnivQrsity is offering the book at .^25 per 
copj, postpaid. If interested, ^rvite th© IMivcrsity ats .gOQ-Bloomfield Avenue ^ 
Wes t Hart ford Conn a 

» » ?f 4f « *f 

lour Sccrotaiy has received kind irords fron a niMbor of mmhers on the MJSLKI'TEH,* 
I appreciate them^ but do pardon the delay in replying* The mil i& voluminous 
and Kjy travel is heavy* But I do thanlc 2?ou for the fiowers «- whil© I ean still 
smell them» 

<J ■» if » ^ 4f 

Wq have tt-70 nsmbors \-7ith nam trouble* Tlicy see their nanes m5.sspell6d so often 
even they are not S'ure at^more. Jack PTO-iilN Is a HMJ not PIJTNAI4 « a W-i^ and 
Baxd WSSTRIGK spells his naine thus not WIKJRICH , DanH believe Bill Shakespeare 
thera*s a [^eat deal in a name« 

« ^* # « % 

Frtmk N, Ha3.1 (2041 West Oak Stroot, Denton, Texas), one of our newer meuibersy 
hai5 a good idea* There ax-e few known collectors in his area, but he x^onderod. if 
it would not be a good idea for APIC to have "starter packets" reavtsonable 
prices ^ 

I estplained that APIC is composed of individual inenbere all across the country^ and 
the "association" as such, is not ©quipped to handle such reqaests* The function 
of APIC is to bring the »haves" and "have nets" together* Jack Putjnan used to 
a^ivertis© a similar "starter set", perhaps tl-iere were others, too. But there you 
are J fellow tiwlers - or sellers - contact Pranks 

* if i« 4f » 

One of o^ar meiiibers - Ferdinand W<, 0»Br5.en (#103), 4X42 West 14^h Street, l-Udl-othism 
Illinois « lias had an unpleasant escperienoe with a irruch^-advorbised "Collectors Clubc 
This company advertised "Rare Campaign Buttons 6 for $loOO"*, I^B^er O'Briein 
states "The buttons advertised are NOT real campaign itoms, just blue lettering m 
white - possibly printed last weeko" 

I have seen, mme recent reproductione of esirlicr tokens for sal® in Hex-/ York City 
Biyself o This trend - if it is a tread - could rain our hobby* Let your Secretary 
know if yau, too, are offered faked items a We nrast stop the msorupulous dealers 
before the inexperienced collectors are "gypped.©" 

^ ^ « » 


- 3 « 

VJALDIlilil BOTTOM COIIPAIIY (canpaign Jowelry and novelties) 
$52 Sovonth mi York IS, IT.Io 

all kinds of jeuelrjr- « rhixisstoae pine, cuff«>Hzike, necklaces, key chains^ 
bracelets, etc* They stat© that they also have 1952-1956 items on haiido 
A large and axcellent line of unisaual itensj soma cellxxloid pin-backs, 
but specialize in attractive jewelry » Both imities* 

Danville, Illinois 

photos of presidential candidates o 

stai:dah) public rklatiohs 

4-5 liockefellor Plasa, New York 20, N,Y. 

still have quantity of "Tlxe I960 Official Republican Convention Progrsuti" «• ^2o00 
postpaid. This has considorabl© infonaation on past conventions and the 
Rg publican Presidents. It's a large book - 12"- 176 pages (althoii^i a 
nuii&>er are advertiseraont8«) Hice to have* 


3 West 29th Street, New York 1, N.Y, 

Fancy embroidered R6^:n&lican items. Some are on plngj others are noto 
Tl-iese are md© in Indiao Sparkle with motalic thread » 50^ each^ 


200 North Main Street, Attleboro, l-lasOo 

Seem to manuifacture only smll plastic elephants on pins. In red, white 
or gray. Some have "G.O.P»« molded ia| others say "NIXOiJ«'' However they 
will not accept orders for less than 500 pinOo (500 for $2o50)o 


1676 Olive Avoo, Chicago 26, Illinois 

great variety of itGias fixui Antenna (auto) flags to buttons, includiaig 
ribbon (Pat for first lady), lighters, combs, stickers, pencils, laatehea, 
etc., etco If you're looking for different itenis « this is the place o 


305 East 4.7th St., Nex-; York 17, N,Y. 

Report that I960 button siipply :1s esdhausted, but still have some 
Eisenhower and Stevenson iteias from previous campaigns « Fine line of 
of other items - combs, key caso, balloons, potholders, cookie cutters, 
p3^ing cards, place mats, neckties, handkei'diiefs, etc«, etc© 
Quite a lar^e variety » Looks good. WoiLld be helpful if several collectors 
could combine orders - better price and better service© 


320 Fifth Avenue, New York 1^ N.Y. 

jewoliy and large stuffed elephant ($10)» Ifost items must be order od in 
lota of from 10 upo Prices range from up (in lots of 10)o 


4j665i- Hol2yvood Blvdo, Hollywood 27, Calif « 

hats. Tresis, and can©«-p«m3ant — sold on3y in lots of one doaen or raorOo 


716 Broadway, Now Yo3lc 3, N.I, 

buttons, badges, ©tcg 


1520 V7. Ilontana Street, Chicago, Hlo 
buttons, etc© 


1600 Clinton Ave,, Rochester, W.Y. 
buttons, jev;elryo 

These are jnst a few« Host of them ask for quantity purchases o However, if you 
state you read their name in APIC Newsletter, it might help. Prom time to time, 
we'll add other sources of supply to the list^ 

4f 4( ^ « % 

The x'oster will go to press definitely on April 17a If yoti^ have not retimied the 
QUESTIOMJAIRE to the Secretary (about 30jmv^ 9Li}}^^ffS^^l^^ » 

your only listing in the roster i7ilT Se V^nr iS^^ 

We, all of us, would like to know as much about each collection as is possible to 
print in the roster 

if * « ?f # 
Thanks for your laany letters vith kind t^ords of appreciation » 
t'embership is growing «• now at an all«»time high « but the moro, the merrier I 


% Peoples Broadc€u3ting Corpo 
246 No High Street 
Colujsibxts 16, Ohio